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Summary in English

Stichting Kledingbank Arnhem e.o. was founded in 2007 and provides good usable clothing to people who desperately need it, but cannot afford it (anymore). Stichting Kledingbank Arnhem e.o. is a private initiative and is made possible by sponsors and volunteers.

Nervous about seeking help?
If you never had to ask for help before, we hope this will make it easier:

• We promote acceptance, not judgment. We know that a person seeking help may have faced long-term unemployment, sickness, death of the breadwinner, divorce, addictions, bankruptcy, other complicated histories or has a refugee status.
• We respect your privacy. We try to keep things simple and avoid putting people through unnecessary processes. However, we do require certain information on an application form.
• We welcome and celebrate the differences that make us human. We will not treat you differently or deny support based on appearance, race, religion or gender-identification.
• While we can’t promise that we will always have sufficient in stock to help you as we would like to, we can promise to welcome you, treat you with respect and do our very best.

How does it work?
In order to be invited to our shop, you need a referral from a social worker. Also a doctor, nurse as well as churches, mosques, the school of your children and municipal institutions can refer via the website. ( )

If we approve and have processed the application, your referrer will contact you to give you the appointment details.
You can find our store at the Nieuwe Kade 13 in Arnhem.

In the shop
In the shop you will be assisted by one of our employees. With her you can discuss what you need and what your preferences are. Our employee will then bring you the clothes.

What to bring with you?
• Proof of identification (including identifications for all family members)
• Shopping bags to transport the clothes
• For children under the age of twelve and who are not accompanying you, a well-fitting outfit. Without such an outfit, you cannot take clothing with you for the absent children.

Family members who are older than 12 years must always be present.

We do not want no-shows on appointments.
A no-show means that you have to wait 7 months.  After 6 months, you can ask your referrer to fill out a new application form for you.

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