Kledingbank Arnhem provides good quality second hand clothes to people who badly need it, but cannot afford it (anymore). We are a private initiative and has been made possible by sponsors and volunteers.

How does it work?
In order to be invited to our shop, you need a referral from a social worker. Also a doctor, nurse as well as churches, mosques, the school of your children and municipal institutions can refer via the website www.kledingbankarnhem-eo.nl/

If we approve and have processed the application, your referrer will contact you to give you the appointment details. You can find our shop at the Nieuwe Kade 13 in Arnhem.

In the shop
In the shop you will be assisted by one of our employees. With her you can discuss what you need and what your preferences are.

What to bring with you?
Proof of identification (including identifications for all family members)

A no-show means that you have to wait 7 months. After 6 months, you can ask your referrer to fill out a new application form for you.

Covid-19 and a visit to the Kledingbank
To avoid the risk of further contamination of the Covid-19-virus, we ask you to comply with the following rules when you visit our shop.

  • If you are coughing, sneezing or when you have a fever, you are not allowed to visit our shop. Of course this also applies to the family members who come along.
  • To prevent our staff, we require all visitors to wear a facemask in our shop. You need to bring your own facemask. Our employees are all wearing a facemask too.
  • Because of the limited space in our shop, a maximum number of 2 people is invited to the appointment.
  • In the case where families consisting of more than 2 people, we can provide clothes for all familymembers. One or two respresentatives of the family are asked to take along garments that are worn by the other family members. This will help us to find clothes for all family members by looking for sizes that match with the items of clothes brought along.
  • Please keep 1,5 meter distance
  • You need to disinfect you hands upon entering our shop.